Summit vs Dover 9/16/2000
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT1 OT2 OT3 TOTAL
Summit 0 7 0 7 0 7 6 27
Dover 0 0 6 8  0 7 0 21

Game Statistics Summit Dover
First Downs 9 15
Rushes 18 61
Rushing Yards 35 266
Pass Attempts 34 13
Completions 22 6
Interceptions 3 0
Passing Yards 250 52
 Sack Yards  -14  0
Total Yards 271 318
Return Yards 13 124
Penalty Yards 14 40
Fumbles 0 1
Fumbles Lost 0 1
The differences between these teams could hardly be greater. Dover with a pile driving running game and Summit with its wide open passing game. As you can see the rushing and passing statistics for the two teams are almost mirror images of each other. Dover entered the game as one of the favorites to take the conference title. That made this exciting three overtime victory even sweeter for Summit. In spite of the fact that Dover had a significant statistical lead in the first half, only Summit was able to sustain a long drive. On Summit's 2nd possession, the 1st being a dismal 3 and out, Summit drove from its 19 yard line to the only score of the half in 10 plays. The drive was highlighted by passes to JP Coviello, Chris Jones, Matt Benedetti and Mike Nelson and was kept alive by a roughing the kicker penalty. The pass to Nelson was for 12 yards and the TD. Keith Schroeder kicked the extra point and Summit took a 7-0 lead midway through the 2nd quarter. That lead would hold up until half way through the 4th quarter.

While the Summit defense had turned away 4 serious scoring threats in the 1st half, they finally succumbed to the relentless running of the Dover backs. Dover mounted a 3rd quarter drive that covered 68 yards in 13 plays. The extra point kick went wide and Summit clung to a 7-6 going into the 4th quarter. However, Dover continued to pound away with their running game. They consumed almost 7 minutes of the final quarter with a 13 play drive and 2 point conversion. That gave Dover a 14-7 lead and left precious little time for Summit to recover. To make matters worse on the 1st play following the kickoff Schroeder threw his first interception of the day resulting in Dover getting a 1st down at the Summit 13. At this point Summit seemed doomed, but a great defensive stand gave Summit the ball back at their own 4 yard line, 96 yards away from a tie ball game. What followed was probably the most unbelievable TD drive in Summit history. On the 1st play Schroeder hit Coviello in the flat for a 1st down at the 15. Following an incomplete pass Coviello hauled in two more passes to move the ball to Summit's 41. A pass to Nelson gave summit another 1st down at the Dover 40. Two passes to Matt Williams led to a 2nd down and 2 at the Dover 18. On the next play Dover Sacked Schroeder back at the 25 and things looked pretty dark. But Chris Jones broke open in the middle and Schroeder hit him with a perfect strike. Jones fought his way to the 2 yard line. Nelson was jammed for no gain and on the next play Schroeder bulled his way in on a QB sneak. The extra point was good and Summit had pulled off a miracle with about 1 minute remaining.

Summit started the 1st overtime and a pass to Jones gave Summit a 1st down at the 10, but the next pass was intercepted. Dover tried 3 running plays that were stopped by the Summit defense. On 4th down they tried a 41 yard field goal that went wide. Dover led off the 2nd overtime with a 6 play running attack that gave them the lead at 21-14. On the 1st play of Summit's turn Schroeder hit Nelson for a 25 yard TD and the score was tied again. The third OT was begun by Summit. Passes to Coviello and Williams moved the ball to the 2 yard line and Nelson punched it across for the TD. To everyone's dismay Schroeder's extra point try was blocked and Summit had only a 6 point advantage. Dover led off with three runs but netted only 4 yards. So on 4th down they lofted a pass into the corner of the end zone. For a moment it looked like the receiver was open but at the last second Schroeder came over from the safety position to just tip the ball away. WHAT A GAME!

Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
S - Nelson - 12yd Pass, Schroeder kick-good
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
D - 1yd Run, kick-no good
4th Quarter
D - 41yd Run, Pass - good
S - Schroeder 2yd run - Kick - good
D - 1yd run, kick good
S - Nelson - 25 yd pass, kick good
S - Nelson - 2yd Run, Kick - no good

Individual Statistics
Mike Nelson 14-30, Keith Schroeder 3-5, Nick Monaco 1-0,
Keith Schroeder 33-22-2-250  2-TDs, Mike Nelson 1-0-1-0  0-TDs,
Mike Nelson 5-49, J.P. Coviello 9-99, Chris Jones 3-47, Matt Benedetti 2-15, Matt Williams 3-40,
Mike Nelson 1-13,
Keith Schroeder 4-33.3