Summit vs North Hunterdon 9/9/2016
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 14 0 0 10 24
North Hunterdon 0 7 0 6 13

Summit scored twice in the first quarter and the Summit fans began to feel like this might be an easy victory for Summit. However, North Hunterdon made it clear that wasn’t the case. Early in the 2nd quarter North Hunterdon scored to pull within 7 points. There was no further scoring until late in the 4th quarter when a Summit field goal really put the game away.

Summit played into a stiff headwind as they were called for 14 penalties totaling 150 yards, compared to 60 yard for North Hunterdon That had to be something of a record..

Summit’s first scoring drive started when they recovered a fumble at the NH 25 yard line. Penalties moved the ball back to the 46. The big plays were runs by Jake Froschauer (25 yards) and 10 yards by Matt Murdock which gave Summit first down at NH 10. Two runs by Froschauer resulted in the TD. Jack Johnson split the upright to put Summit up 7-0. Summit’s next possession started at the Summit 31. Froschauer connected with Steve Sajer for 51 yards gain to the NH 15. Sam Zanelli covered the final yads after Froschauer had moved the ball to the six. The Johnson extra point made the sore 14-0.

Late in the 2nd quarter NH started a drive at their 37, nine plays later they scored. and the extra point was good. So the half ended with Summit on top 14-7. The third quarter featured long drives by both teams but no scores. Midway through the final quarter Summit started a drive at their 35. Three runs by Froschauer and two by Zanelli got the ball into FG range with about 5 minutes left. Johnson split the uprights to give Summit the insurance points it needed.

Summit would get one more TD after recovering a NH fumble at their 27. Zanelli carried to the 19 and Jack Washburn coverd the last 19 yards, The PAT made the score 24-7. In the final minutes Notrh Hunterdon added a TD to their side of the ledger.

Note: Liam Dougherty led the defense with 18 tackles, which may be a record.

Game Statistics Summit North Hunterdon
First Downs 11 12
Rushes 38 42
Rushing Yards 244 230
Pass Attempts 13 20
Completions 7 6
Intercepted 1 0
Passing Yards 141 76
Other Yards -51 0
Total Yards 334 306
Return Yards 36 122
Penalty Yards 150 60
Fumbles 0 2
Fumbles Lost 0 2
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
S - Froschauer 7 yd run, Johnson kick
S - Zanelli 6 yd run, Johnson Kick
2nd Quarter
NH - 8 yd run, kick
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
S- Johnson 37 yd FG
S- Washburn 19yd run, Johnson kick
NH - 3 yd run, kick failed

Individual Statistics
Jake Froschauer 21-119, Sam Zanelli 14-91, Jack Washburn 1-19, Matt Murdock 2-15,
Jake Froschauer 13-7-0-141 0 TDs,
Stephen Sajer 3-64, Jackson Tyler 3-55, Matt Murdock 1-22,
Matt Murdock 1-36,
Jake Froschauer 5-36.2,

Defensive Statistics
Liam Dougherty 18, Spencer Frey 8, Michael Mahecha 7, Luca Curran 7, Christian Fusco 5, Danny Petrela 5, David Medina 5, Justin Hong 4, Matt Grange 4, Sam Zanelli 3, Peter Maldonado 2, Joe Shepard 2, Brendan McGinn 2, Craig Ackerly 2, Rhajon Venable 1, Jack Kelly 1, Matt Murdock , Stephen Sajer ,
Liam Dougherty 1, Michael Mahecha 1, Christian Fusco 1, Danny Petrela 1, David Medina 1, Matt Grange 2, Joe Shepard 1,
Liam Dougherty 1, David Medina 1, Craig Ackerly 1,
Peter Maldonado 1, Joe Shepard 1, Stephen Sajer 1,
Brendan McGinn 1, Matt Murdock 1,