Summit vs North Plainfield 10/21
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 7 18 0 21 46
North Plainfield 16 20 6 0 42
The first 42 seconds of the game set the tone for what would be a wild slugfest. Summit’s Jack Kelly took ot opening kickoff and returned it 72 yards to the North Plainfield 18, a penalty put it on the 13 and Murdock scored on the next play. Following the Summit kickoff North Plainfield started from their 30. One pass later they scored, they passed for the extra point and led 8-7. All in 42 seconds.

On first play of North Plainfield’s next possession they struck again with a 55 yd TD pass. The Quarter ended with Summit down 16-7 and it was clear that North Plainfield had one heck passing offense. In the second quarter Summit and North Plainfied exchanged Tds until the score was 29-22 in favor of North Plainfied. Jack Johnson broke the cycle with a 40 yd field goal to pull Summit to within 4 points (29-25). One of the Tds was set up when Luca Curran made his 5th interception of the season and returned it 40 yards to the NP 10.

With the clock running down to 9 seconds, and NP in a 4th down punting situation, Summit called time out in hopes of get a final chance at the ball. However, the plan backfired when North Plainfield didn’t punt but threw a 35 yd TD pass to make the score 36-25,

The only score of the 3rd quarter came on another long North Plainfield pass. The quarter ended Summit down 42-25. Things looked very bleak, as Summit was now down by 3 scores. Early in the 4th Summit recovered a fumble on the Summit 33 to stop a NP drive. Summit’s drive was aided by 35 yard of penalties called on North Plainfield. The drive ended with Sam Zanelli scoring from the 1 yardline, But Summit still needed 2 more Tds.

An onside kick off was successful and Summit took possession at the NP 49 yard line. A 7 yd pass to Sajer and a 6 yard run by Murdock gave Summit a 1st down on the the 36. A pass interference call move Summit to the to the 21, From there Murdock scored on pass from Schluter. Now Summit only need one more score to take the lead. Summit forced NP to punt in their next possession and Summit took over on their 28. Two caries by Zanelli gave summit a 1st down at the Summit 39. Passes to Sajer and Murdock and a run by Zanelli got another 1st down at the NP 44. Another interference call aided Summit gain a 1st down at the 33. The clock now showed less that 2 minutes remaining. Two runs by Zanelli and another interference call gave the ball at the 10 yard line with less than a minute left. A good run was call back for holding and put the ball on the 19. With about 40 seconds left on the clock Schulter connected with Sajer for the go ahead score.

North Plainfield completed two good passes and went deep on a third, but it fell incomplete and Summit had pulled off an amazing comeback.

Note: In past games Summit has always been on the losing end of the penalty stats and interference calls. This time we got the calls to come our way. Those interference calls played a key roll.

I can’t remember seeing a passing game like North Plainfield’s. It produced 447 yards. Adding the 159 yards rushing and you have almost 600 yard of total offence.

Summit helped statistics by the fact that Jack Kelly returned kickoffs for 232 yards and Luca Curran’s interception added 40 more.

Game Statistics Summit North Plainfield
First Downs 11 11
Rushes 32 19
Rushing Yards 112 159
Pass Attempts 24 44
Completions 11 29
Intercepted 2 0
Passing Yards 140 447
Other Yards -23 -15
Total Yards 229 591
Return Yards 293 115
Penalty Yards 25 130
Fumbles 2 1
Fumbles Lost 0 1
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
S - Murdock 13 yd run, Johnson kick
NP - 70 yd pass, pass
NP - 55 yd pass, pass
2nd Quarter
S - Murdock 11 yd pass from Schluter, Johnson kick
NP - 7 yd run, pass failed
S - Kelly 85 yd kickoff return, Murdock run
NP - 14 yd pass, kick
S - Johnson 40 yd FG
NP - 35 yd pass, kick
3rd Quarter
NP - 32 yd pass,kick
4th Quarter
S - Zanelli 1 yd run, Johnson kick
S - Murdock 21 yd pass from Schluter, Johnson kick
S - Sajer 19 yd pass from Schluter, Johnson kick

Individual Statistics
Matt Murdock 19-68, Sam Zanelli 12-48, Max Hayford 1-minus 4,
Sklyer Schulter 24-11-2-140 3 TDs,
Stephen Sajer 5-81, Matt Murdock 4-38, Max Hayford 2-24, DJ Jackson 1-8, Sam Zanelli 1-3,
Jack Kelly 4-232, Luca Curran 1-40, Matt Murdock 1-21,
DJ Jackson 3-36.7,

Defensive Statistics
Liam Dougherty 8, Jack Kelly 6, Christian Fusco 6, Stephen Sajer 6, Sam Zanelli 6, Spencer Frey 5, Luca Curran 5, Rhajon Venable 3, David Medina 2, Peter Maldonado 2, Jack Johnson 1, Brendan McGinn 1, Ryan Reigle 1, Christian Greer 1, Joe Shepard 1, Michael Mahecha 1, Danny Petrela 1, Matt Murdock ,
Spencer Frey 1,
Matt Murdock 1,
Luca Curran 1,