Summit vs Scotch Plains 10/1/2016
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 7 27 7 13 54
Scotch Plains 7 14 14 0 35

Scotch Plains came into the game with a 0-3 record while Summit was sporting a 3-0 record.-18 scored first on 45 yard Pass play and gave hint that this might be a slugfest. Summit answered with a 27 yard Matt Murdock run to end the first quarter tied. Summit took the lead mid way into the 2nd quarter on an 11 yard pass from Jackson Tyler to Steve Sajer. However, Scotch Plains took the Summit kickoff and returned it 70 yards to make the score 14-14.

Summit appeared to take a commanding lead when they ran off three unanswered TDs. A 45 yard strike fromTyler to DJ Jackson, a 50 yard interception return by Luca Curran and a 45 yd TD run by Tyler. That made the score 34-14. But, Scotch Plains mounted a 70 yard drive that reduced the lead to 13 points at the half.

On Summit’s first possession of the 2nd half they marched 80 yards in 8 plays to score on an 18 yard pass from Tyler to to DJ Jackson. Surely now the we lead was secure at 41-21. Not so, Scotch Plains scored on its next two possessions and suddenly it was a 6 point game (41-35) with another quarter to play.

The final 12 minutes were all Summit with Tyler capping two drives with runs of 3 yards and 19 yards.

Summit set something of a 21st century record with 573 yards of total offense, but at the same time Summit gave up 350 yards to a team to that came into the game without a win.

A distressing statistic is that Summit has consistently drawn more than twice as many penalties as our opponents. Summit has been flagged so far this season for 375 yards to our opponents 175 yards. In this game Summit lost 110 yards to Scotch Plains’ 50. 60 yards is a lot of advantage to give to an opponent.

Note: Summit won the Raritan Conference title with this victory over Scotch Plains.

Game Statistics Summit Scotch Plains
First Downs 13 9
Rushes 46 27
Rushing Yards 348 208
Pass Attempts 26 26
Completions 14 15
Intercepted 2 1
Passing Yards 210 160
Other Yards -5 -18
Total Yards 564 350
Return Yards 110 135
Penalty Yards 110 50
Fumbles 0 2
Fumbles Lost 0 1
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
SPF - 45 yd pass, kick
SUM - Murdock 2 yd run, Johnson kick
2nd Quarter
SUM - Sajer 11 yd pass from Tyler
SPF - 70 yd run, kick
SUM - DJ Jackson 45 yd pass from Tyler, Johnson kick
SUM - Curran 50 yard Interception return,Johnson kick
SPF - 5yd run, kick
3rd Quarter
SUM - DJ Jackson 18 yd pass from Tyler, kick failed
SPF - 35 yd run, kick
SPF - 6 yd pass, kick
4th Quarter
SUM - Tyler 3 yd run, Johnson Kick
SUM - Tyler 19 yd run, Johnson kick

Individual Statistics
Jackson Tyler 27-231, Matt Murdock 12-77, Sam Zanelli 7-61,
Jackson Tyler 26-14-2-221 3 TDs,
DJ Jackson 2-63, Stephen Sajer 4-53, Matt Murdock 4-64, Andrew Miller 1-18,
Matt Murdock 4-73, Luca Curran 1-56, Liam Dougherty 1-11, Jack Kelly 1-8,
DJ Jackson 2-41,
Luca Curran 1

Defensive Statistics
Liam Dougherty 13, Danny Petrela 7, Rhajon Venable 5, Spencer Frey 5, Luca Curran 5, Christian Fusco 5, David Medina 4, Sam Zanelli 4, Peter Galuppo 3, Craig Ackerly 3, Andrew Miller 2, Christian Greer 2, Jack Johnson 1, DJ Jackson 1, Joe Shepard 1, Matt Grange 1, Matt Murdock , Brendan McGinn ,
Liam Dougherty 1, Danny Petrela 1, Rhajon Venable 1,
Rhajon Venable 1, Christian Fusco 1, Matt Murdock 1,
Brendan McGinn 1,
Peter Galuppo 1,
Luca Curran 1,
Jack Johnson 1,