Summit vs Gov. Livingston 10/6/2017
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 28 7 0 0 35
Gov. Livingston 0 0 0 8 8
Disclaimer- The “Friday Night Lights” is the worst game for recording the game stats. The field is poorly lit, The jerseys are black with black numbers that are lightly outlined in white. I am sure that the statistics will need to be corrected.

Gov. Livingston arrived with only 33 players on their roster, compared to 54 on Summit’s roster. The game was a complete mismatch as Summit rolled to a 35-0 lead half way into the 2nd quarter. The entire 2nd half was played under the Mercy Rule, with a running clock with Summit substituting liberally.

The statistics would have been even more lopsided but for a final 70 yard drive by GL’s starters against the Summit reserves. The Stats and the scoring sequence basically tell the story.

Editorial:. High School is approaching a crisis, brought on by the brutal and mean spirited, play of the NFL seen on TV every week. * GL only has 33 players on its V/JV roster compared to Summit's 54. But even Summit’s numbers are down by 6 or 7 from last year. In some States participation in down 40%. All this in spite of respected studies by the Mayo Clinic and others that show that kids who play only at the high school level are statistically the same in their 50s as boys who didn’t play football.

Rarely are the benefits of playing high school football discussed. Football is different from any other school sport. It is the only sport where every play is choreographed . Each of the eleven players have assigned missions. Their success comes when each player executes his part. As a result players depend on each other in a more intimate way than any sport. Team work is everything. Years later those who played football together are still comrades for life

* I have been informed that my comment about a GL/NP Freshmen team is incorrect

Game Statistics Summit Gov. Livingston
First Downs 7 5
Rushes 36 37
Rushing Yards 197 111
Pass Attempts 7 3
Completions 4 0
Intercepted 0 0
Passing Yards 72 0
Other Yards 0 -6
Total Yards 269 105
Return Yards 58 0
Penalty Yards 120 50
Fumbles 0 1
Fumbles Lost 0 1
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
S - Max Jackson 4 yd run, Kick failed
S - Steve Sajer 18 yd pass from Schluter, Miller run
S - Jackson Tyler 3 td run, Goldy kick
S - Max Jackson 10 yd run, Goldy kick
2nd Quarter
S - Skyler Schluter 2 yd run, Goldy kick
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
GL -20 yd run, run

Individual Statistics
Max Jackson 20-134, Jackson Tyler 8-32, Isaiah Golden 4-16, Will Gibson 3-13, Sklyer Schulter 1-2,
Sklyer Schulter 7-4-0-72 1 TDs,
Max Hayford 3-54, Stephen Sajer 1-18,
Jack Kelly 1-40, Isaiah Golden 1-15, Jack Browne 1-3,
Jack Kelly 1-33,

Defensive Statistics
Jack Kelly 5, Peter Maldonado 5, Stephen Sajer 5, Andrew Miller 4, Dominic Yorio 4, Tyrone Hines 3, Chris Helmer 3, Matty Goldblatt 2, Luca Curran 2, Joe Lusardi 2, Ray Alarashi 2, Oleg Yaseyko 1, Ken Bacchiani 1, Tucker MacMilan 1, Joe Shepard 1, Ollie Paasonen 1, Steve Rodriquez 1,
Stephen Sajer 1,
Jack Kelly 1,
Jack Kelly 1,
Oleg Yaseyko 1,