Summit vs Rahway 11/11/2017
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 0 8 14 15 37
Rahway 10 28 0 7 45

Rahway came into the game as the Star-Ledger favorite, Rahway clearly learned a lot about Summit from it’s regular season loss to the Hilltoppers. They came out with all their guns blazing. The Indians got things rolling in the first quarter with a field goal that was followed on their next possession by a 25 yard TD run. Summit was back on their heels and down 10-0. Rahway continued on a roll in the 2nd quarter. They racked up two more Tds on runs of 41 and 29 yards. Mid way through the 2nd quarter Summit was suddenly down 24-0.

Summit finally got on the scoreboard when Schluter connected with Sajer for 21yd pass for a TD. However, Rahway marched 52 yards to score just before the half ended. A somber Summit squad went to the locker room down 38-8. They had been badly out played.

No one in the stands knows what was said in those 15 minute in the locker room but Summit came out as a different team. They marched 76 yards and scored on a 28 pass to Sajer from Schulter. Rahway's next possession ended in a fumble turnover at Summit’s 19. .Eight plays later Jackson scored to make it a 38-22 .

Things took a bad turn when Rahway scored on a on a 25 yard pass play and opened up a 45-22 advantage. Summit mounted a 10 play drive, depending heavily on the running of Tyler, with Tyler scoring from the one. That made it 45-30.

Summit recovered the on-sde kickoff. Two plays later Tyler connected with Sajer for 31 yards and a score. Can you believe? Summit was (at 45-37) within one score of tieing the game. Another on-side kick was recovered by Summit at the 50, but it was ruled that Summit touched the ball before it went the required 10 yards. So Rahway had the ball at midfield and only a couple of minutes left to play. But the drama wasn’t over

Two big penalties were called against Rahway so they eventually wound up 4th and one on their 39. With only about 29 seconds left Rahway went for it on 4th down and didn’t make it. Now neither team had time outs left and the clock showed 15 seconds. A pass from Tyler to Andrew Miller moved the ball to Rahway’s 17 yardline with 10 seconds left. A pass was incomplete but stopped the clock with 3 seconds left One more shot at a miracle. Tyler’s pass into the end zone was on the mark but the defender knocked it away. Many in the stand saw”interference”, it was not to be.

All credit is due the spirit of Summit’s players, they never gave up!

Note : There maybe some corrections, after review. The cold weather and wearing gloves didn't help legibility.

Game Statistics Summit Rahway
First Downs - -
Rushes 41 38
Rushing Yards 241 284
Pass Attempts 22 10
Completions 12 6
Intercepted 0 0
Passing Yards 154 93
Other Yards -7 0
Total Yards 388 377
Return Yards 91 93
Penalty Yards 55 60
Fumbles 0 1
Fumbles Lost 0 1
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
R - 37y yd field goal
R - 25 yd run, kick
2nd Quarter
R - 41 yd run, kick
R - 29 yard run, kick
S - Sajer 21 yd Pass from Schulter, Tyler pass from Schulter
Rahway - 76 yd kickoff return , kick
3rd Quarter
S - Max Jackson 28 yd run,Goldy kick
S - Jackson 15 yd run, Goldy kick
4th Quarter
R - 25 yd pass , kick
S - Tyler 1 yd run, Goldy kick
S - Sajer 31 yd pass from Tyler, Goldy kick

Individual Statistics
Max Jackson 19-124, Jackson Tyler 21-114,
Sklyer Schulter 16-10-0-101 1 TDs, Jackson Tyler 6-2-0-53 1 TDs,
Stephen Sajer 5-102, Max Hayford 3-24, Andrew Miller 1-22, Max Jackson 2-6,Peter Maldonado 1-10
Tyrone Hines 2-40, Max Hayford 2-40, Jack Kelly 3-31, Joe Lusardi 1-10,
Jack Kelly 5-30.2,

Defensive Statistics
Andrew Miller 8, Oleg Yaseyko 8, Stephen Sajer 7, Luca Curran 6, Jack Kelly 5, Joe Shepard 2, Hunter Timpson 2, Joe Lusardi 2, Peter Maldonado 2, Tyrone Hines 2, Dominic Yorio 1,
Joe Shepard 1,
Oleg Yaseyko 1, Joe Lusardi 1,
Andrew Miller 1,
Andrew Miller 1,