Summit vs Scotch Plains 9/29/2017
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 28 7 0 21 56
Scotch Plains 0 0 20 15 35

What a wild game, with huge swings of momentum. When the dust settled Summit and Scotch Plains had delivered 1,096 yards of total offence.

The first half was all Summit as the Hilltoppers scored 35 unanswered points. With about four minutes still on the clock, the “mercy rule” came into effect. Resulting in a “running clock.” Summit fans were anticipating that the 2nd half would pass by quickly with the running clock.

However, things turned around completely starting the 2nd half. Summit kicked off and on the 2nd play from scrimmage Scotch Plains nailed a wide open receiver for a 70 yard touchdown. Hilltopper fans missed the running clock but figured the pass was a lucky play. Summit set out to restore order. Summit moved quickly to a first down at the SPF 23 yard line, behind the running of Max Jackson and passes from Schluter to Hayford and Sajer. However, a fumble gave SPF the ball at their 20. On 3rd down another bomb went 85 yards for SPF's 2nd TD. Now things were getting serious. On SPF’s 3rd possession they mounted a 14 play TD drive that started on their 12. Now things were getting serious. Three unanswered TDs made the score 35-20 as the 4th quarter began.

SPF tried an on-side kick, but Summit fell on the ball at the SPF 49 yard line. Two carries by Max Jackson netted 31 yards and a Schluter pass to Sajer put Summit back in the game. After that The Hilltoppers and Scotch Plains alternated scores. SPF scored on another big pass play of 56 yards and Summit answered with 50 yard TD run by Tyler.

Game Statistics Summit Scotch Plains
First Downs 12 12
Rushes 36 18
Rushing Yards 326 81
Pass Attempts 12 43
Completions 8 26
Intercepted 0 1
Passing Yards 187 559
Other Yards -4 -53
Total Yards 475 587
Return Yards 66 83
Penalty Yards 40 45
Fumbles 1 1
Fumbles Lost 1 1
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
S - Sajer 37 yd pass from Schluter, Goldy kick
S - Tyler 5 yd run, Goldy kick
S - Max Jackson 6 yd run, Goldy Kick
S - Miller, 55 yd interception return, Goldy kick
2nd Quarter
S - Hayford 10 yd pass fron Schluter, Goldy kick
3rd Quarter
SPF - 70 yd pass, pass failed
SPF - 85 yd pass, pass failed
SPF - 3 yd run, pass
4th Quarter
S - Sajer 13 yd pass from Schluter, Goldy kick
SPF - 3 yd run , pas
S - Max Jackson 31 yd run, Goldy kick
SPF - 56 yd pass, kick
S - Tyler 50 yd run, Goldy kick

Individual Statistics
Jackson Tyler 20-158, Max Jackson 15-157, Sklyer Schulter 1-11,
Sklyer Schulter 10-7-0-131 3 TDs, Jackson Tyler 2-2-0-56 0 TDs,
Stephen Sajer 5-139, Max Hayford 2-33, Max Jackson 2-15,
Jack Kelly 1-34, Jack Browne 2-26, Tyrone Hines 1-6,
Jack Kelly 2-32.5,

Defensive Statistics
Luca Curran 10, Jack Kelly 8, Stephen Sajer 7, Joe Lusardi 6, Andrew Miller 4, Oleg Yaseyko 3, Matty Goldblatt 3, Griffin Drake 2, Hunter Timpson 2, Tyrone Hines 1, Joe Shepard 1, Dominic Yorio 1, Peter Maldonado , Ryan Reigle , Kevin Cahill ,
Jack Kelly 2, Joe Lusardi 1, Joe Shepard 1,
Joe Lusardi 1, Andrew Miller 2, Matty Goldblatt 1,
Andrew Miller 1,
Ryan Reigle 1,
Tyrone Hines 1,
Jack Kelly 2, Stephen Sajer 2, Oleg Yaseyko 2, Hunter Timpson 2, Joe Shepard 2, Dominic Yorio 2, Peter Maldonado 2, Ryan Reigle 3, Kevin Cahill 2,