Summit vs Somerville 11/4/2017
  111st 2nd 3rd
Summit 8 7 21 0 0 36
Somerville 8 0 7 21 6 42

This was a game of big plays and Summit had its share. Summit took a 15-8 lead at the half with scores by Max Jackson and a 69 yard fumble return by Steve Sajer. The 3rd quarter saw Summit built a 21 point lead lead. Jackson Tyler scored on a 75 yard run from scrimmage, Sajer took a 36 yard TD pass fron Skyler Schulter and Schulter scored on a one yard plunge.

So the final 12 minutes started with Summit ahead 36-15 and Somerville in possession, at their 38. The Summit fans were feeling pretty good. Eight plays later Somerville scored to make it a 14 point lead. Following the kick off Summit relied on the running of Jackson and Tyler to move to a first down at the Sommervile 22. Two plays made it was 3rd and 3 at the 15. If another running play failed to yield a 1st down, then Will Goldy could be in a strong position for a FG. Summit decided to try a pass first. Sadly, it was intercepted on the 5 yardline. That was a disappointment, but Summit still held a two TD lead with only 6 minutes left in the game.

Somerville mounted an 8 play drive that included a 15 yard penalty on Summit and gave the Pioneers a first down on the Summit 6. The Summit defense put up a great stand and forced Somerville to a fourth and 3, but they scored on the 4th down. After the extra point the score stood at 36-30 with just a few minutes left. Summit failed to get a first down and was forced to punt.

Jack Kelly got off a good punt that was taken on Somerville 45 yd line. Then to the disbelief of the Summit hopeful, the running back returned the punt 55 yard to tie the game. Now the extra point would be the winning point. Summit rose to the occasion and blocked the extra point leaving the game tied and headed for overtime.

In the overtime Somerville score on their position and Summit didin’t

Game Statistics Summit Somerville
First Downs 10 15
Rushes 49 54
Rushing Yards 296 183
Pass Attempts 13 25
Completions 5 11
Intercepted 1 1
Passing Yards 58 210
Other Yards -7 -5
Total Yards 347 388
Return Yards 178 177
Penalty Yards 25 35
Fumbles 0 1
Fumbles Lost 0 1
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
SOM - 38 yd pass , run
SUM - Max Jackson 5 yd run, Sajer pass fron Schulter
2nd Quarter
SUM - Sajer 69 yd fumble return, Will Goldy kick
3rd Quarter
SUM - Jackson Tyler 75 rd run, Goldy kick
SOM - 27 yd pass, kick
SUM - Sajer 36 yd pass from Schulter, Goldy kick
Sum - Schulter 1 yd by, Goldy kick
4th Quarter
SOM - 20 yd pass kick
SOM - 3 yd run, run
SOM - 50 yd punt retrurn, kick blocked
SOM - 3yd run, pas failed

Individual Statistics
Jackson Tyler 18-161, Max Jackson 29-130, Joe Lusardi 1-4,
Sklyer Schulter 14-6-1-58 1 TDs,
Stephen Sajer 4-53, Max Hayford 1-7,
Stephen Sajer 1-65, Tyrone Hines 4-60, Jack Kelly 1-42, Joe Lusardi 2-11,
Jack Kelly 6-30.8,

Defensive Statistics
Oleg Yaseyko 9, Luca Curran 9, Jack Kelly 8, Stephen Sajer 7, Hunter Timpson 5, Andrew Miller 5, Joe Shepard 5, Tyrone Hines 4, Dominic Yorio 2, Kevin Cahill 2, Joe Lusardi 2, Matty Goldblatt 2, Peter Maldonado 1, Isaiah Golden 1, Finbar McCormack 1,
Oleg Yaseyko 1, Luca Curran 1, Jack Kelly 2, Peter Maldonado 2,
Stephen Sajer 1, Joe Lusardi 2,
Tyrone Hines 1,
Jack Kelly 1,
Stephen Sajer 1,
Oleg Yaseyko 1,