Summit vs North Hunterdon 9/22/2018
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 8 0 0 14 22
North Hunterdon 0 3 6 0 9

This was quite a game. Early on it clearly appeared that Summit was in control. But from the end of first quarter to the end of the 3rd quarter North Hunterdon, powered up their running game, dominated Summit, relying almost exclusively on their running game. During that interval they had 32 rushes. In the same interval Summit had just 11 total plays of all kinds. As a result Summit was behind 9-8 as the game began its final 12 minutes.

At the start the final quarter Summit was on their 34. Passes to Jackson and Hines put the ball at the North Hunterdon’s 20. Three runs by Jackson and one by Tyler put the ball at the one. Schulter punched it in to regain the lead at14-9.

North Hunterdon moved quickly to Summit’s 33, but two incomplete passes put an end to the threat. Summit put the game away on there next possession. Five runs by Jackson and one by Tyler put the ball on the North Hunterdon 30. From there Schulter nailed Hines on a 30yard TD pass to put the game away.

The icing on the cake came on North Hunterdon’s final play as Joe Lusardy intercepted a pass.

Game Statistics Summit North Hunterdon
First Downs 8 10
Rushes 28 40
Rushing Yards 112 144
Pass Attempts 10 17
Completions 4 7
Intercepted 0 3
Passing Yards 75 43
Other Yards 0 -8
Total Yards 187 179
Return Yards 32 47
Penalty Yards 5 50
Fumbles 1 3
Fumbles Lost 2 1
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
S - Schluter 2yd run, Schlute run
2nd Quarter
NH - 25yd FG
3rd Quarter
NH - 25 yd pass. pass failed
4th Quarter
S- Schulter 2yd run, run failed
S - Hines, 31 yd pass from Schulter, Run by Jackson

Individual Statistics
Max Jackson 21-107, Jackson Tyler 4-8, Sklyer Schulter 3-6,
Sklyer Schulter 10-4-0-93 1 TDs, Jackson Tyler 1-1-0-24 0 TDs
Tyrone Hines 3-75, Max Jackson 1-18,
Tyrone Hines 1-32,
Ollie Paasonen 2-49.5,

Defensive Statistics
Austin Groce 15, Jack Kelly 10, Jackson Tyler 9, Joe Lusardi 6, Hunter Timpson 4, John Fischetti 4, Tyrone Hines 4, Matty Goldblatt 4, Nick Mellus 3, Dominic Yotio 2, Justin Luckshire 1,
Jack Kelly 1, Jackson Tyler 1, Matty Goldblatt 1, Nick Mellus 1,
Joe Lusardi 1,
Joe Lusardi 1,
Austin Groce 1, Jackson Tyler 1, Tyrone Hines 1,
Joe Lusardi 1, Tyrone Hines 1,
Dominic Yotio 1,