Summit vs St. Joseph (Met.) 10/20/18
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 0 16 7 23 46
St. Joseph (Met.) 0 20 0 0 20
St. Joseph (Met.) entered the game a heavy favorite. Based on power points, it was ranked ahead of Don Bosco in the non-public world. Don Bosco is a school that no public school ever wants to play.

St. Joe completely dominated Summit in the first quarter. They ran 24 plays to Summit’s 3, and were on the Summit 2 as the quarter ended. They scored on the first play of the of the 2nd quarter. Again Summit went 3 and out.

St. Joe. again drove for a score and was ahead 13-0. At that point Summit had only run 6 plays, very grim. However Summit began to find its way. The Hilltoppers mounted a seven play drive that featured a 36 yard pass to Lucardi that got the ball to the 2 yard line, and Jackson plunged for the score. St. Joe. Put together a 7 play drive for a 20-8 lead. But that was their final score of the game.

At the end of the half Summit drove for another touchdown and two point conversion to go into halftime down 20-16.

Summit dominated the second half scoring three unanswered Tds and put the game away, 39-20
To add insult to injury Tyrone Hines intercepted a St. Joe. pass at the end of the game and returned it 80 yards for the final TD.

There will be lots of Power Points!

Game Statistics Summit St. Joseph (Met.)
First Downs 8 11
Rushes 35 37
Rushing Yards 303 154
Pass Attempts 14 24
Completions 8 14
Intercepted 0 1
Passing Yards 84 206
Other Yards 0 -13
Total Yards 387 347
Return Yards 112 57
Penalty Yards 25 65
Fumbles 0 0
Fumbles Lost 0 0
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter

2nd Quarter
STJ 2yd run, kick failed
STJ 20 yd run, kick
SUM Jackson 2 yd run , Pass
STJ 36 yd pass , kick
SUM Jackson 2 yd run , pass

3rd Quarter
SUM Tyler 20 yd run, Paasonen kick

4th Quarter
SUM Tyler 5 yd run, Tyler run
SUM Schulter 10 yd run, pass
SUM Goldblatt 80yd interception return, Paasonen kick

Individual Statistics
Max Jackson 22-101, Jackson Tyler 14-142, Sklyer Schulter 2-13,
Sklyer Schulter 15-9-0-116 0 TDs,
Joe Lusardi 1-34, Max Jackson 2-29, Jackson Tyler 4-23, Austin Groce 1--2,
Matty Goldblatt 1-80, Jack Kelly 1-32,

Defensive Statistics
Jack Kelly 16, Jackson Tyler 11, Austin Groce 10, Ryan Reigle 6, John Fischetti 5, Justin Luckshire 5, Joe Lusardi 5, Tyrone Hines 5, Finbar McCormick 5, Hunter Timpson 4, Nick Mellus 3,
Jack Kelly 1, Austin Groce 1, Justin Luckshire 2, Joe Lusardi 1,
Joe Lusardi 2,
Matty Goldblatt
Ryan Reigle 2,