Summit vs North Plainfield
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 12 15 23 7 57
North Plainfield 6 8 0 22 36

The Hilltoppers traveled for a night game in North Plainfield. In pervious years NP had some bad feelings against Summit. So, there some possible tension. Happily, there were no issues

When North Plainfield came on to the field they fielded ony 30 players. That compares to Summit’s 55+ players.

North Plainfield took the opening kickoff and was faced a fourth and one at their 41. They decided to go for it and failed. Summit quickly scored to set the tone for the rest of the game.

Early in the 4th quarter Summmit scored on Goldblatt’s 29 yard TD run and Summit took 35+lead and the “Mercy rule” was invoked. At the same time the reserves took the field.. North Plainfield would score two TDs but the game was never in doubt.

Game Statistics Summit
Rushes 26
Rushing Yards 209
Pass Attempts 10
Completions 6
Intercepted 0
Passing Yards 157
Other Yards 0
Total Yards 366
Penalty Yards 40
Fumbles 1
Fumbles Lost 1
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
S - Lucardi 3yd pass from Roberts, kick failed
NP -25 yd pass, kick blockedS
S - Goldblatt, 3 yd run, pass , pass failed
2nd Quarter
S- Lucardi 20 yd interception return, Froscher kick
NP- 33 yd pass, pass
S- S Fischetti 20 yd pass from Roberts
3rd Quarter
S- Groce 2yd run,Goldblatt run
S-E. Duetsch 20 yd pass Roberts run
4th Quarter
S - Goldblatt 29 yd run, Froschauer kick
NP - 20 yd pass, pass failed
NP - 8 yd run, run failed

Individual Statistics
Matty Goldblatt 18-112, Joe Lusardi 6-29, Austin Groce 3-24, Eli Bergner 6-20, Sam Roberts 2-4, Ollie Paasonen 1-2,
Sam Roberts 10-6-0-157 2 TDs,
Joe Lusardi 2-95, John Fischetti 2-43, Austin Groce 1-11, Ethan Engman 1-8,

Defensive Statistics
Austin Groce 10, Joe Lusardi 5, Andre Campbell 4, Matt Bronikowski 3, John Fischetti 3, Timmy Sajer 2, Ethan Engman 2, Jerson Martinez 2, Matthew Leoloff 1, Justin Luckshire 1, Justin Jimemez 1, EJ Sorenson , Evan Duetsch ,
Austin Groce 1, Andre Campbell 2, Justin Luckshire 1, Evan Duetsch 1,
Andre Campbell 1, John Fischetti 1, EJ Sorenson 3,
Joe Lusardi 1, EJ Sorenson 1, Evan Duetsch 1,
Austin Groce 1, Evan Duetsch 1,