Summit vs Rahway 9/28/2919
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
Summit 8 0 9 6 23
Rahway 0 11 13 17 41
Summit hosted Rahway in the first real test faced after two easy victories. Summit and Rahway traded their first two possessions without a score. Sadly, Sam Roberts, Summit’s passer, was injured early and did not see anymore action.

On Summit’s 3rd possession the Hilltoppers mounted a 13 play drive, almost exclusively on the ground. The score came on 4 yard pass from Groce to Lucardi. Lucari also ran for the extra point and Summit was ahead 8-0.

Late in the half Rahway scored on a 71 yd pass to tie the game at 8-8. Just before the end of the half Summit turned the ball over on a fumble at the Summit 12. Three Rahway passes failed and they settled for a field goal. The Half ended with Rahway up 11-8.

On Summit’s first possession of the 2nd half Groce connected with Campbell for a 66 yard TD, the kick was blocked, but Summit was back on top 14-11. That was followed by a 24 Field Goal by Froschhauer to grow the lead to 17-11. The Summit fans were enthusiastic.

But that was when the good times ended. Rahway would claim the next four scores to build a 34 -17 lead. Summit had glimmer of hope when Groce connect with Goldblatt who race 83 yard for the TD make the score 34-23. The glimmer of hope was snuffed out when Rahway scored again on a 62 yard run.

Note: Brock Froschauer has become a major force as a kicker. His four towering punts averaged 47.5 yards from the line of scrimmage. Since he is punting from 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage, that is over 60 yards. He also does the kickoffs. He routinely kicked the ball into the end zone, robbing Rahway of any chance of a return

Game Statistics Summit Rahway
Rushes 23 27
Rushing Yards 246 256
Pass Attempts 15 25
Completions 7 9
Intercepted 3 0
Passing Yards 206 204
Other Yards -6 0
Total Yards 446 460
Return Yards 56 50
Penalty Yards 25 55
Fumbles 1 0
Fumbles Lost 1 0
Scoring Sequence
1st Quarter
S - Lucardi 4yd pass from Groce , Lucardi run
2nd Quarter
R - 71 yd pass, pass
R - 24 yd FG
3rd Quarter
S - Campbell 66 yd pass from Groce, kick blocked
S - 24 yd FG by Froschauer
R - 28yd run. kick blocked
R - 4 yd run, Kick
4th Quarter
R - 22 yd FG, kick
R - 66 yd run, kick
S - Goldblatt 82 yd pass from Groce, run failed
R - 62 yd run, kick

Individual Statistics
Joe Lusardi 26-134, Matty Goldblatt 15-67, Austin Groce 5-28, Evan Duetsch 2-14, Ollie Paasonen 2-3,
Austin Groce 15-6-3-206 2 TDs,
Matty Goldblatt 1-84, Andre Campbell 1-66, Pat White 2-45, Joe Lusardi 1-22,
Matty Goldblatt 2-29, Joe Lusardi 2-27,
Brock Froschauer 4-47.5,

Defensive Statistics
Austin Groce 5, Colin Beatty 4, Timmy Sajer 3, Ollie Paasonen 3, John Fischetti 3, EJ Sorenson 3, Matty Goldblatt 3, Justin Luckshire 2, Joe Lusardi 2, Evan Duetsch 1, Matthew Leoloff 1, Randall Mora 1, Ronnie Faris 1, Andre Campbell ,
Colin Beatty 2, Ollie Paasonen 2, Justin Luckshire 1, Evan Duetsch 1, Randall Mora 1, Andre Campbell 2,
Austin Groce 1, Ollie Paasonen 1, EJ Sorenson 1, Matty Goldblatt 1, Justin Luckshire 1, Joe Lusardi 2,
Austin Groce 1,