2013 Honors

X Country
X Country
Tennis Football

Women's Soccer

All Union County:
1st Team : Callie Humphrey
2nd Team: Holly Confalone

Men's Soccer

All Union County
3rd Team: Evan Kulpan

Men's Cross Country

All State
3rd Team: Leland Jones

All Union County
1st Team: Leland Jones
2nd Team: Ryan Bloome, Mitchell Bloome
3rd Team: Greg Casagrande, Patrick Manion

Union Runner of the Year: Leland Jones

Union County Coach of the Year: Neal Sharma

Women's Cross Country

All Group 2
1st Team: Gillian McIlroy

All Union County
1st Team: Gillian McIlroy
3rd Team: Alex Della Sala, Dahlia Musallan

Union County Runner of the Year: Gillian McIlroy

Field Hockey

All Group 2
1st Team: Julia Washburn
3rd Team: Elizabeth Wagenbach

All Union County
1st Team: Julia Washburn, Elizabeth Wagenbach
2nd Team: Kendall Codey, Jessica Martins
3rd Team: Megan Ophel


All Union County
2nd Team: Nicole Delrosso. Kristen Miller (doubles)
3rd Team: Ryan Freeman (singles)


All State
3rd Team - Charlie Terry

All Group 3
1st Team - Charlie Terry, Colm Dougherty
2nd Team - Andrew Masterfano
3rd Team - Mac Wiesner, Eric Lyman, Robbie Walsh

All Union County
1st Team-Dffense: Charlie Terry
1st Team- Defense: Colm Dougherty, Andrew Masterfano, Mac Wiesner

Union County Team of the year: Summit

Union County Coach of the Year: Kevin Kostibos

Team Awards
Charlie Terry, Matt Oristanio, Andrew Masterfanno, Eric Lyman and Colm Dougherty

Individual Awards:

Most improved Player - David Connolly

Coaches Award - Matt Oristanio
Coaches Award -
Robbie Walsh & Eric Lyman
Coaches Awayd -
Andrew Masterfano

Most Valiable Players - Charlie Terry & Colm Dougherty