The Winter Track and Field sprinters closed out 2021 with outstanding showings at the Glynn Holiday Invitational (Ocean Breeze Complex – Staten Island) and the Ed Church Invitational (The Armory – NYC). The Sprint Crew garnered 17 GOLD medals, 5 SILVER and 13 BRONZE across all levels (Frosh/Novice/Varsity).

At the Glynn, M. Matter made her sprint debut with a 4th Place finish in the frosh 55 with current 9th grade team best 7.96 (18th fastest FAT time in SHS).

Allen took 5th in the Frosh 200m (25.92), Della Sala 4th in the Novice 200m (29.10), Piron 4th in Varsity 200m (27.67), T. Kohaut GOLD in Novice 200m (23.60 – 3rd Fastest FAT time at SHS) and L. Kohaut 5th in Novice (24.71 – 2nd Fastest Sophomore FAT time at SHS).

GOLD for the Novice 4×200 (1:37.30) in dominating fashion by L. Kohaut, T. Kohaut, Morrissey and Guicardi.

4th Place Finish by the Girls Varsity 4×200 (1:54.65) of G. Matter, Piron, Della Sala, MacPherson

But the best of the day was the dominant performance of the “baby cheetahs” in the Frosh 4×200 of M. Matter, O’Connell, Borst and Seum, earning GOLD in their first ever relay!

At the Ed Church Invitational, the Hilltoppers started the meet with a lot of hardware in the speed race, the 55m dash. Guicardi continued his success early in his track career with a frosh GOLD (7.29s). T. Kohaut running in his first Varsity 55m breaks 7.0 seconds twice (prelims and finals) and takes 5th (6.85s). T. Kohaut has now the 5th fastest FAT time at SHS. On the ladies’ side, Borst continued her early success on the frosh level with a PR and a GOLD (8.19). Passick made her return with a BRONZE in the Novice division (8.35s) and teammate S. Busam opens her track season with a 5th place finish (8.50s). Piron wrapped it up with another consistent performance earning her the BRONZE with a time of 7.76s.

The successes continued in the 200m with Passick taking the GOLD in the Girls Novice (29.98), Borst got her second GOLD in the Frosh division with a PR of 29.41. On the boys side, Lawton came off a PR in the 55m and got another PR in the 200 (26.21) for the SILVER.

The best was saved for last as the Hilltoppers debuted 7 runners in the 400m dash with a boys and girls Varsity 4×400. The Maroon and White had tremendous performances on both sides for first time 4oom rips earning GOLD on the boys’ side (3:40.33) with FAT splits of 54.83 by sophomore L. Kohaut, 56.87 by 9th grader Guicardi, 56.28 by junior Morrissey and 52.85 by junior anchor T. Kohaut.

The girls 4×400 took SILVER with a 4:32.63 with junior Della Sala (1:07.95), sophomore S. Busam (1:11.32), senior M. Busam (1:08.74) and senior anchor Piron (1:04.62), taking the baton 55m back and closing to within 15m to give the team the SILVER.

Lots of smiles to bring on 2022!