The Summit Indoor Track Team continued its preparation for championship season at the Metro Invitational at the NYC Armory and then closed out the week at the Union County Championships in selected entries as the squad looks forward to its State Sectional run and Nationals.

The following is a list of the TOP 8 Finishers and athletes achieving/matching Personal Records (PRs) at the Metro and UCIAC Championships.


9th Grade Division:

55HH- Zach Allen 9.49 Bronze, Mackenzie Matter 10.54 Silver

55M- Ethan Lawton 7.49 5th Place, Zach Allen 7.52 6th Place, Keira Borst 8.22 7th Place

200m- Keira Borst 29.37 5th Place, Mackenzie Matter 29.69 7th Place

800m- Dan Cota 2:12.16 GOLD, Nikita Shevyakov 2:18.43 5th Place

Novice Division

200m- Jackie Della Sala 29.51 5th Place

Varsity Division

200m- Olivia Piron 26.94 8th Place

800m- Teddy Robertson 2:01.60 4th Place, Lara Cota 2:24.63 4th Place, Maddie Chen 2:25.26 5th Place

4x200m- T. Kohaut, Morrissey, Bunting, L. Kohaut 1:37.50 5th Place, Piron, MacPherson, M. Busam, G. Matter 1:52.49 6th Place

PRs Boys

55HH – James Bunting, Lucas Kohaut

55m – Adam Witkowski, Jack Detweiler, Cameron Harvey, Zach Allen

200m – Thomas Kohaut, Lucas Kohaut, James Bunting, Xavier Morrissey, Cameron Harvey, Jack Detweiler

800m – Dan Cota, Nikita Shvyakov, Ryan Zagorin, Jake Weinberg, Teddy Robertson, Sam Ard, Jackson Levine, Ryan Sula, Nate Roberts, Liam Bernens, John Cho, Andrew Semsel, Joaquin Gonzalez, Michael Speer,

PRs Girls

55HH – Mackenzie Matter, Francesca Montserrat

55m – Maddy Busam, Grace Matter, Olivia Piron, Maddie Macpherson, Caroline Putnam, Nylah Shivdasani, Luci Seum, Francesca Montserrat, Jessica Li, Kate Whitcher

200m – Keira Borst, Caroline Putnam, Luci Seum, Eden Levkov, Jessica Li, Olivia Piron, Grace Matter, Maddie Macpherson, Maddy Busam

800m – Maddie Chen, Shannon Palphreyman, Cameron Valdes, Nora Shields, Tiree Chmelar, Sara Duong, Ella Reinhardt-Hepler, Caroline Relf



High Jump – Zach Allen 5’3” PR and 5th Place

800m – Marek Muzyka 2:06.46 PR, Andrew Samsel 2:10.01 PR, Emre Kusmin 2:12.31 PR

55HH – James Bunting 8.95 PR

Shot Put – Adam Witkowski 32’5” PR

200m – Adam Witkowski 26.92 PR

1600m – Jackson Levine 4:39.64 PR, Sam Ard 4:45.89 PR, Dan Cota 4:51.36 PR

400m – Liam Bernens 57.61 PR, Adam Schnipper 59.91 PR

3200m – Ryan Sula 9:55.69 5th Place and PR, John Cho 10:09.43 6th Place and PR, Nate Roberts 10:17.40 PR


High Jump – Julia Nardino 4’3” PR

55m – Keira Borst 8.04 PR

1600m – Lara Cota 5:21.20 BRONZE! Sydney Zagorin 5:51.81 PR

3200m – Cameron Valdes 11:57.93 5th Place and PR, Shannon Palphreyman 12:36.04 PR

400m – Jackie Della Sala 1:06.94 PR, Maddy Busam 1:07.43 PR

4x400m – Grace Matter, Lara Cota, Maddie Macpherson, Olivia Piron 4:20.19 5th Place